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After spending many hours on Pinterest during the summer, I decided to decorate my classroom to a specific color scheme. I the past I did different things like US History, or places around the world. I switched schools this year and moved to an itty bitty little room (the school was out of actually classrooms). Using only a few different colors and bordering all my bulletin boards in a type of black helped make my room looked very organized and less crowded than it would have been otherwise. Check out the pictures below to see my beautiful pink, teal, and bright green classroom (and a little orange thrown in).

 Reading Corner: I had made literally 50 or so of those pom poms for a school auction the year before, so I was determined to get as much use out of them as possible. The blank pink bulletin board is where I put my reading and writing anchor charts. I just make them on my own out of Sticky Note chart paper, then stick them on top of each other as we go through the year. Then the students can go and flip through them if they want to refer back to a specific topic.

 This is the best picture that shows the size of my little classroom. I am standing at the doorway - the reading corner is to the right. Fortunately, I only had 10 kids (now 11). I really could fit only a max of 12. We bump into each other a lot trying to get from place to place, but otherwise it has worked out okay.

 First bulletin board of the year. Thank goodness for the Cricut. Would hate to have cut out all those flowers without it.

This is my first year of trying math workshop and I have loved it. As you can see, the students rotate through three different stations each day. This bulletin board helps keep the groups organized and let students know their learning target for the day. The white chart paper again is another place to put math anchor charts.


  1. i love what you did with your "tiny" room this year!! it really does look very clean, organized and practical. i especially like your idea for "storing" your anchor charts that doubles as a display! btw, i am drooling over your new blog design. :) am considering splurging for my own blog!

  2. Isn't it pretty? I like yours, but if you're considering a change, go for it.

  3. I love your classroom! Even though it's tiny, it looks great! I'm nominating you for a Leibster award! You can get all the details on how to accept your nomination on my blog!
    Chalk & Apples

  4. I love your classroom. I had to spend 2 years in a room about that size, so I feel your pain. You did a great job with using your space wisely. I love your bulletin board with the flowers.